Handmade Metal 32 Chess Pieces - Classic Chess Figures - Birthday Gift for Father - Silver and Gold Metal Chess Figures

$108.80 $128.00

Figures of Metal Chess Pieces are manufactured with high quality workmanship.
Special chess pieces produced using zamak material make your chess games much more fun. You will be able to give an unforgettable gift to your loved ones thanks to these figures that will make your loved ones very happy in every way.

It could also be a well decor for your home or office.

->16+16 Metal Chess Figures

-> Weight (Total): 3lbs (1.7g)
-> Chess Figures Size: King Height: 8 cm,(3.14 inch) Pawn Height: 4.5 cm(1.77inch).
-> Checkers Size: 1.3in(35mm)

♟️ COLORS 🖌️

Silver - Gold