Customizable Rummy Game Set

$169.00 $207.00

Rummy cube Game (Turkish Okey) is one of the most colorful, competitive and enjoyable games of friends and family environments. Wooden racks are suitable for Rummikub game. We have made this Turkish Okey game for you where jokes fly around the game table and friendship and family relations are further strengthened. With the custom rummy game, your fun will increase and a sweet competitive environment will be created. For those who want to make the competition enjoyable, we can also write nicknames such as invincible, extremely lucky, okey master, miser.

You can also offer this game as a special gift to your friends or family members you play with. Personalized Rummicube Okey game, where your names will be written with quality laser engraving method on quality wood, will be the best gift that can be given as a gift to mother and father who love rummy game.

The custom rummicube board game set is made of beech wood. The racks are in straight shape to gaming. We ship it in a classy leather bag so it can be carried and storaged safely. Each personalized rummy rack has its own fabric pouch and tiles are storaged in velvet pouch. The travel bag for rummicube is made from high quality leather.

💓 Let this rummicube game set add aesthetic sight to your special times with family and friends.


 If engraving will be applied on only racks,

--->Choose "Engrave Only Racks" from drop down menu and then click "PROCEED" button. 

Add your text and choose your font. Size and alignment will be adjusted by us. If you want each rack with different texts, then fill all input areas for each rack(the font chosen will be applied for all racks). Empty fields will be engraved same as Rack1.

If engraving will be applied on racks and tiles,

--->Choose "Engrave Racks+Tiles" from drop down menu and then click "PROCEED" button. 

Same as above for racks. Rummy tiles can be engraved in words, letters, logo, shape and any design in outline form as shown on pictures. 

-> For Letters or Words; Add your text in input area and you will see how your tiles will look on the screen. Choose font and set the the size of text and add to cart. 

-> For Logo, Shape; Add your image in .jpeg or .png format from Image Upload section. A window will be opened. Make your settings and save. Add to cart.

-> For Designs; We could work together if you have any design in mind and want to make it real. Just contact us and describe the design you want and Let's see what we could create together. 

Note: Please feel free to ask to see sample before you order or after you place an order. We could show you sample design or a sample applied on a tile.


-> 4 wooden racks; each in its own pouch,
-> 106 tiles; in pouch,
-> 1 dice, 
-> 1 Bag; high quality bag makes it easier to carry and storage. 


-> Racks; 16.5x2.56x2.76in (42x6,5x7cm)
-> Weight; 9.9lbs(4.5kg)
-> Tiles; 1.3x0.9in(3.5x2.5cm)


-> Racks are made of high quality beech wood. 
-> Tiles are made of high quality melamin.
-> Bag is made of leather.