Marble Design Chess Board and Figures 14.5 Inch

$139.00 $180.00

Marble Design Chess Board and Figures  14.5 Inch is made of high quality cast-iron material. Chess table is covered with a marble pattern on
wood. It has its own characteristics. Egypt Pharaoh Chess figures are metal. Chess game will be more aesthetic with this board. It could also be a well decor for your home or office. If you wish, get a permanent set where you can have enjoyable moments with your family members,

If you wish, give it to your loved ones who are passionate about chess. We offer you this stylish and unique product, which you can use for a long time thanks to its quality material.


->1 Wooden Chess Board,
->16+16 Metal Egypt Pharaoh Chess Figures,


-> Chess Board Size: 14.5x14.5x0.60 in (37x37x1.5cm)
-> Weight:5 lbs (2.5kg)
-> Egypt Pharaoh Chess Figures Size: King Height: 8 cm, Pawn Height: 5.5 cm.
-> Checkers Size: 1.3in(35mm)

♟️ COLORS 🖌️

Chess board is red and cream color. Covered with a marble pattern on wood.